28 October 2008

"THE CLOVER" character designs

                  the kid a.k.a the clover finder
                           the "friend"  a.k.a the clover lover 

Two of the characters from my thesis film, "The Clover"... obviously it would be about a clover. There might be tons of clover films out there and parts of my story might be a bit cliche but I'm definitely confident I would end up with a signature nicole film because the visual aspects of it would hopefully carry that originality out for me...plus there are some unique underlying themes in a seemingly "cliche" film as do most of my past animations

I have done a walk cycle for the kid and I'm working on the "friend" walk. A good chunk of my film would be with the kid running though so I definitely need to get going on that as well.

These two characters are in fact not the only characters in my film but three other ones called the bullies (a.k.a the clover haters) that chases the kid all throughout the film for the 3-leaf clover (yes a 3-leaf not the lucky 4). Unfortunately the tragic part is that the kid doesn't know he's running around with a 3-leaf the entire film...and never does even in the end because by then he's all fried from all the bully running. That's where the "friend" comes in with the last jigsaw puzzle because way in the beginning of the film she snatches the 4-leaf the kid finds and slips in a 3-leaf while he's not looking, to embrace the joys of the magical 4-leaf clover herself! She's quite the instigator and can very well be questioned if she may be the alternate main character aside the kid.

It's really a bittersweet type of film and it's very big on the whole idea of kids and their wild imaginations including their particular behaviors and their tendencies to associate emotions/situations with their versions of reality.  The visual element like I've mentioned above will be the main "carry out" element of my piece because it really embodies a child-like feel and what the inside of a kid's mind would look like...of course anything kid related is always with vibrant colors so there'll be TONS of those.

There will be future posts with more developments so till then! Cheers!