18 May 2009

Old things unforgotten- A Post Graduation Chapter

So while I was preparing to move on (getting everything and anything not final quicktime of thesis out of sight and in storage) and unpack from all things SVA (as I just moved back to my hometown) I found some dated but notable thesis stuff...and even though they were all thrown in the chopping block at some point and one upped by other great contenders, I thought it'd be nice to share of what could've been had it not been for those many other great background choices.

note: image then below comments

HAND-MADE DRAWINGS---- distant lane of memory 

 COFFEE AND MORNINGS-  watercolors (I painted this in the evening too)

SPLASH-  watercolor with fan brush (I thought of 4th of July while I painted this)

COLOR WITH SCRIBBLES-  crayola all the way
(I LOVE this by the way. This is essentially me right here..the other visually...plus the best part of this piece is that I started this out as a spontaneous scratch pad until I decided to have fun halfway and create this.) 

LEAFY- brush pen (fun fact-I ended up using real leaves instead with the kid)

POLLEN ATTACK (1 and 2)- watercolor markers, ink.
(Of course this would've been the worst thing in the world for me..as the pollen hates me and I hate pollen...literally a living hell to live in these two drawings)
** All these drawings above didn't make it to the final product because my focus tended to stroll off to the real customized portions of the film and I basically just let my natural instincts take auto pilot halfway through because I wanted my film to turn out the way it wanted to turn out and let out any creative impulses that wanted out in my brain and on to visibility. 

I really just had way too much fun in the gathering process (pre-production related) and had an excess of both drawings and real elements for background materials. 

REAL ELEMENTS---- recent lane of memory

STICK-Y GUM CHECKERS-  2 sticks of trident gum on repeat 
(which I chewed A LOT of during crunch time)
***reason for the chopping block --somehow something didn't quite work out during the zoom out process so I had to use pink parchment instead (in the beginning with the green clovers)

SPITBALL MACHINE-  red bendy straws, crumpled newsprint paper and those wrapping papers you get with new shoes inside the shoeboxes
***reason for the chopping block --never was a contender...I created this because I was under a lot of thesis stress and who doesn't want a spitball machine to kill time with..

ASSORTMENT OF TINY JEWELS and MISC- pale green bg, different sets of :3 starlets, 6 ringlets, 2 buttons, 1 bead 
***reason for the chopping block --too much was going on for a bg scene I had in mind.

MINTY BG- started out with the classic green and red ones (with and without wrappers)
***reason for the chopping block --it was this or take out the pinwheel scene.

GUMMY WORMS- scanned whole and in half
***reason for the chopping block --none...it was hidden in one of my folders.. if it wasn't I would've used it for a transition scene


Now to get professional and somehow squeeze in with the real world crowd since thesis memory lane and college cushion of student status is almost over (almost because...I'm not fully unpacked from the college dorm life yet and I have piles and piles of boxes to go through so I think I'm going to say that it's a liable reason right now)

For some reason I don't have that same drive I had the past few summers with finding work. I just feel like waking up late...eating..and then facebooking all day until I fall asleep --- me being real. Usually I'm very diligent and eager to scavenge for work and engage myself in something, even more so in the summer. I blame the economy and the year long thesis process that just made my brain flip the off switch for a while along with my determination for anything. Hopefully by next week I'll be myself again. 

Oh and shorter posts...keeping it sweeter.

12 May 2009

A post!

A post that mentions my thesis film that screened at the 20th Dusty Animation Festival, along with many other very very very talented animators (I'm not even sure how I got to be on this guy's favorites list actually...but I'm just glad someone enjoyed my film enough to mention it)

And one of the many transition background contenders (back in the preliminary stages) for Clovered...

"Of mushroom, plants and allergies"
(watercolor, ink)

11 May 2009

2009 SVA THESIS FILM! CLOVERED! (HQ looks pretty sweet with this)


So I'm SUPER happy that my film is actually finished and in one piece. I never thought to see the day when I would finish my thesis film, see it on the big screen along with everyone in the audience at the 20th Dusty Film & Animation Festival (with a pretty dress and shoes other than crocs on) and live to tell the tale a few days before graduating SVA. It's still unbelievably amazing to me and don't really get how everything just turned out the way it was meant to turn out without me having this realization from the start (if that made any sense). I think I really took it to heart what one of the guest speakers in Dave Levy's Animation Careers class, Richard Gorey, said about letting your film turn out the way that it wants to towards the last few classes.


So the plot has changed at least 70 percent of what it first started out as but it was really worth the change. I think my final change with the story and aspects of the film was mid-January, a week or so after the winter break ended at SVA. I really thought I wasn't going to finish this film in time for the Dustys because I had changed at least 50-60 percent of my story during this break (this included the idea of making the clover red hence the title 'Clovered' = clover + red - r ) 
But the core idea of the kid encountering a four leaf clover with some negative force out to destroy it (potential chase scenes) with a greedy girl as the third party remained the same all throughout the few months of little by little drastic changes. Obviously those were really solid things because they never sifted off along with the rest of my original ideas during the changes.

There were lots of changes with characters which had an impact on many plot changes (elaborating on my previous blog posts earlier in the thesis story process)

First off all the kid with the clover was supposed to be friends with the greedy girl who was a clover-manic and liked/wanted only the prettiest things.....he actually goes up and shows this girl his discovery and the girl wanting this new pretty thing, distracts him with something scary in the distance while signaling to the scary thing to come towards the direction of the kid at the same time when his back his turned....eventually the kid is so frozen with fear that he doesn't even realize the girl stealing the 4-leaf clover behind his back and replacing it with a 3-leaf clover right there and then ...which results the kid running away from this scary thing without fully realizing what he was running away with...a 3-leaf clover

something scary in the distance ---> three bullies a.k.a triple negative force cloud monster (bullies are always a negative 'force' with a scary vibe/aura to the lowly victims) the three bullies essentially mesh into this negative force cloud thing during this chase scene with the kid due to them running really really fast to catch up to him and destroy his clover.  
They were clover haters and they had plans to destroy it with an anti-clover spray too (ended up cutting out because it felt really silly and not quite right with what I wanted to include)...which I got from my advisor, Matt Archambault, as he hated pesky clovers and somehow tried getting rid of most of them in his backyard at the time. 

Then slowly the changes happened...which started on a play on words/ideas on the word 'bully' ---> bully...bull-y...bull-like monster...bull-like monsters that obviously hates the color red and has a viable reason to hate and chase the kid when it is disturbed with a frenzy of REDS --> two clover monsters that are red and was chasing the kid in the first place because he "stole" their youngest friend of the three clover patch (so now the 4-leaf clover is red initially)

Of course by this time and far into the red clover development...the girl just gradually played off into the distance and ended up as a very minor character with little screen time whereas before she was one of the major ones that had a beginning intro all the way to the end...who, by the time the changes were made, seemed very appropriate to play those right place at the wrong time victims to make this story and film work and connect as a whole because I KNEW I wanted a change of situation somewhere to break off the chase scene cycle AND I knew I wanted to include the girl (because I liked that the girl essentially  represented my younger self --> I was a very mean sister to my younger brother --> who emulates the kid who finds this shiny new thing) Also little girls typically like any new pretty thing and gets greedy most of the time..even for a second.


1)  Lucky---> Ever changing story seemed to work around a central idea which didn't sacrifice all the previous work I've already done before any changes (character designs...few animation cycles...rough animatic to a point--when dealing with something to show for deadlines)

Unlucky--->  All the new bits I had to create and pretty much having to work with no real animatic until making all the new parts and having a mass animatic time waster on my hands for deadlines

2)  Lucky---> My backgrounds were essentially already or have been all colored because they were either mostly real live portions of actual things ( LOADS of candy..real clovers..other food assortments that the littler people like) or they were already made previously in the past during my free time or during my many procrastinating stages for when I was stressed with papers that I had to write for classes (watercolors)

Unlucky--->  I had to scavenge all around the city for certain potential background materials (including major kid central places like Toys R' Us and many candy shops) and piece backgrounds together from scratch which I think is way harder than just drawing the background and scanning in clean pieces of paper than having to scan way more objects/individual pieces (candy scanning was very tricky..to have it not melt on you during the process).

3) Lucky----> The music that I ended up choosing nonchalantly because it sounded peaceful and like the most generic cycle music ( I had given up hope at this point in the game) happened to play out and fit my film the way that I wanted to the very very very last minute and was able to get copyright free music in the first place from opsound.org because I had run into a friend one day that happened to know where to hook up with those dilemmas. 

Unlucky---> I had MANY trials and errors in finding that PERFECT song..the one you know that's the one as soon as you hear it. I had to rely on my gut feeling with the sound on this film because I just never made a film quite like this before with real elements in it which casted a very different feeling from the previous ones I've made. Half the time I had no idea what I was looking for so resulted in countless hours of just browsing through their archives of music/sounds...or stressing about it during After Effects/ compositing time when not spending time on the site still looking for that perfect music.

4) LUCKY---> LIVING AND NOT DYING... and graduating
      UNLUCKY---> LIVING AS A SHELL WITH NO SLEEP FOR MONTHS AND SOCIAL LIFE DYING...had to fearfully debate my way out of failing an elective class to graduate.

5) Lucky--> My dad is a Graphic Designer so I got professional feedback on my original Clovered postcard design for free after finishing my thesis film....then 900 Clovered postcards ...literally for free since he knows printing people. 
Unlucky---> Overload of postcards..I have to get rid of most of it.
     Lucky---> lots of people will get one.

6) Never found a green or a red four-leaf clover in my life.

I could go on forever with this but essentially all the stuff mentioned here is pretty much in the nutshell sense of things. Lots more to the original story to the now present story process but they might as well be associated with the bloopers fun facts now until I was asked about it more in depth in person. (this post is definitely way more in depth to people that aren't me)


11 April 2009


crayon transition scene:
real crayons, color ribbon, drawn crayon with red glitter glue(animated in film)

                                             pinwheel scene:
               drawn pinwheels (color pencil) traced over with color
                                 glitter glue, fresh picked clover

                                   spades vs. clubs transition:
                                 ace of spades and clubs cards

party worm transition scene:
                     finger traps (I think thats what they're called),
               shiny glitter ribbon, party worm animation drawing    
                                            (color pencil)

Ok..this is going to be the last update until I finish my thesis...everything looks way more finished than it actually is..status wise..so I don't know if I'm going to be fully satisfied by the time I get to hand in my film for the film judging but hopefully I'll hand in somewhat of an 80-90 percent..even 70% (but hopefully higher) satisfactory/ feel good but not too shabby of an accomplishment type of work. I really want to at least feel like I fulfilled my goal of showcasing some awesome colors/potential talent in one film as much as possible. 

Also...I am not looking forward to see my film on the big screen..where every miniscule smudge is visible and the film you slaved over for an year is all up in your face....it's either going to wow the audience with a big bang (like the last image here) or it's just going to be another wonder like all my other films..where there isn't exactly any type of reaction necessarily but more so of indifference and the usual "I'm not sure what I just watched but i LOVED the images.." which is great also...a reaction of some sort is better than no reaction at all.

Maybe I should bring in like a fake audience clapping recording for the screening just incase..... for a laugh.

I hope I survive this last week! 
Thesis Doomsday : APRIL 17TH, 2009  by 4PM.

16 March 2009

St. Patrick's

  ending sequence thesis- 
clover bg with color penciled rainbow, texture white sheet, fruitrollup strip

So I realized that my film would've been totally appropriate if the actual thesis film submission date was in March, but it isn't and even though it wouldn't be too far off in April (when we hand it in), it wouldn't be screened till May, so that's definitely not even close to the ballpark of the green madness of patrick(no idea). But I decided that I should wear green this year for St. Partick's because I feel it could empower my film, since it's all about clovers...(also because I remembered this year somehow...very uncanny timing)

Anyways two post today. I feel like I've accomplished something that's not lazy. Oh and also speaking of lazy I've developed this new mantra that i go by now, where in any situation that I feel too lazy to do I must do it (I'm not turning over any leaves but test the odds of good luck and if hard work actually does pay off or if it's just as same as pursuing something after a period of some level of laziness)


   (above) candyplants- candy and clover stems

(left) shipwreck-color chalk, bubble wrap, paper boat

(right) glitterbubbly- left1 items, blue glitter glue, candy wrappers, thesis characs.

(left) colorfully shattered-3 different jigsaw pieces arranged and customized

(right) watercolored my fingerprints, jellybeans cut, thesis kid charac.


(left) glitter pinwheels-green glitter glue, clover stems, pinwheel stick

(right) color glitter teapot- color glitter glue

(left) girl daydream- different color glitter glue,  color pencils, side ribbons, real clover scanned, thesis girl charac.


(right) hopscotch chase-stripy fabric, pop tart (backside), real chewed bbgum, sour straws and thesis characs.                                                                                

(left) rocks-different rock texture background, thesis characs.

Ok..So far I've finished roughly over 20 backgrounds this spring break..(god it's never long enough is it) I decided that most of it's either going to be all candy or a little bit of both nostalgic kiddie items and candy along with real fabric and maybe a bit of nature elements like flowers in it (with the exception of the real piece of clover I'm centering my film around)And in exchange of all the hard work...I had to give up my leisurely visit back home during the spring break =(....and cut down my whopping 8-9 hours of sleep to 4 hours (though I always annoyingly end up sleeping one more extra hour) I should really shrink it to 3 hours but I feel I can't survive with that since my eyes will kill me in my sleep and go blind on me if its not 3 plus hours of shuteye action.

So overall I only have a few more things to do (organizational, small bits of backgrounds and drawing extra stills wise) before I consume myself to the compositing world of things that is AFX...

Then (if I'm still alive and able to see properly) I would either decide to color my characters or leave them in their raw color pencil animated state since my backgrounds are complex enough to welcome any simplicity (which are the characters). Personally as of this point I don't think coloring the characters would enhance the characters' visibility any more than they would create a negative space from the backgrounds...which are bursting with flying colors already.

Of course during these two stages..I would constantly have to make time and think about the sound aspect to it all...if I think my film fancies a series of sound effects or if it can do without that and just a simple soundtrack would suffice. The soundtrack part is another can of worms as the SVA thesis committee requires every student to be better safe than sorry and get proper permission and access to any copyright holder if you were to use an already existing piece of music. I am hoping to maybe somehow make my own discombobulated music of some sort at the sound lab (which is free to SVA students) and not have to resort to chasing down copyrighted people because I'm pressed for time and can't make my music or fail to (because it sounds easier than done) or anything because that would suck ALOT. 

I know it's definitely not going to be easy since I'm usually very picky about music and the type of ambience that it gives off because I think music also adds another supporting element to what you're essentially trying to convey and make the audience move along with the different emotions that comes with the images..and that's extremely important since that IS essentially my film as a whole. 

My films usually have a simple concept if you really think about it but what the eye takes in visually is entirely different than just mental wise so that's generally my formula in filmmaking...I break apart the concept into visuals on top of visuals on top of visuals (we see a drawing, the characters see it through their eyes, we see the drawing through the character's eyes -----interpreting it in both the characters' reality/logic in the film and how we see it in our reality and experiences

It's very complicated and planned out to the very color of everything...of course when one sees the film they will see craziness and a good colorful time...BUT if they had wanted to see where it all connects there is the potential to do so(like buried treasure..if you don't look or dig for it you'll never find it)

Anyways I digress, I should be getting back to my thesis lover...which I will break up with in mid April (YAY---- understatement)

04 March 2009


No thesis here..just a thesis reluctant girl (has a thesis bug..but normally very dilligent...)

12 January 2009


too pretty to throw away.

Dated Crafts & Ceramics

Decided to put up something physically tangible besides drawings that I tinkered with when I was a bit younger.


PAPER CRANES(bottom)- not 100 though


CERAMIC BOOKS (inspired by the 5 Harry Potter books that were out when I made this)
CERAMIC PUMPKIN APPLE PIE (indecisions for me)

note:both are hollow at the bottom so that it would cook right and not explode due to air bubbles and density.