11 April 2009


crayon transition scene:
real crayons, color ribbon, drawn crayon with red glitter glue(animated in film)

                                             pinwheel scene:
               drawn pinwheels (color pencil) traced over with color
                                 glitter glue, fresh picked clover

                                   spades vs. clubs transition:
                                 ace of spades and clubs cards

party worm transition scene:
                     finger traps (I think thats what they're called),
               shiny glitter ribbon, party worm animation drawing    
                                            (color pencil)

Ok..this is going to be the last update until I finish my thesis...everything looks way more finished than it actually is..status wise..so I don't know if I'm going to be fully satisfied by the time I get to hand in my film for the film judging but hopefully I'll hand in somewhat of an 80-90 percent..even 70% (but hopefully higher) satisfactory/ feel good but not too shabby of an accomplishment type of work. I really want to at least feel like I fulfilled my goal of showcasing some awesome colors/potential talent in one film as much as possible. 

Also...I am not looking forward to see my film on the big screen..where every miniscule smudge is visible and the film you slaved over for an year is all up in your face....it's either going to wow the audience with a big bang (like the last image here) or it's just going to be another wonder like all my other films..where there isn't exactly any type of reaction necessarily but more so of indifference and the usual "I'm not sure what I just watched but i LOVED the images.." which is great also...a reaction of some sort is better than no reaction at all.

Maybe I should bring in like a fake audience clapping recording for the screening just incase..... for a laugh.

I hope I survive this last week! 
Thesis Doomsday : APRIL 17TH, 2009  by 4PM.