26 February 2011

Life in a day of life.

Crazy how life escalates from an infinitely simple balance into a one to twelve roundtrip polluted spontaneity.

21 February 2011

Snail Mail!

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With love,


19 February 2011

Cool stuff, good times.

© Nicole So 2011

Don't think I've ever posted this up here officially. 

This is an old color doodle but amazingly it's just as gorgeous to me now as it was the day I created this. I remember I had a lot of fun making this as well. Don't know how I seemed even more patient back then than I am now just from the looks of this art piece. 

I was probably either procrastinating from writing an english paper or stressed from something because I noticed I only make these kinds of detail-oriented things when I'm under a deadline or feel I need to take a breather from whatever strenuous thing I was currently doing. 

Guess my active mind portrays itself through my drawings. At least it's beautifully chaotic down on paper, though it probably wasn't all that 'beautiful' in my mind, as I'm going through the chaotic mess of thoughts.  
I haven't made one these elaborate color 
pieces in a while. I think I transitioned back to writing my feelings out like I originally used to do before SVA, instead of drawing it out.

© Nicole So 2011

I still love Snapple. 

I think I was trying to go for that nature's tea leaves engulfing the bottle look (because that's what it seems to be doing).

I don't know about anyone else but I have a habit of taking drink labels off when I find myself holding it for a good period of time. Especially paper ones like Snapple. 

I also do this with beer bottles. I figure because they've been chilling in a bucket of ice, or the refrigerator, the clamminess of the bottle and the warmth from your hands creates this kind of a label peeling slippage. It works even if it wasn't chilled, though it's not as fun because it's not willing to have fun with you.

I think I had the original flavor for this sketch. My favorite is the Raspberry. 

© Nicole So 2011

Yeah. I liked cheese doodles. The puffy kind. It's scary how much of those I can eat.

16 February 2011

Things sure have changed...


Procrastination to the max here. I'm not entirely sure where the 2 years went on this blog but it's gone, and never coming back, as depressing as it sounds. I haven't accomplished much of anything in the last two years except experience the horrors of retail employment for a little over a year and deal with the excruciating pain of the waiting game in the job hunt business. The latter is driving me up a wall and literally acting as a silent killer for this current start of the year.

I've also started two other blogs as of recently (side bar on right). It's definitely missing a lot of awesomeness that's here in this blog since neither of them are art blogs but literary ones. I'm trying to be a serious blogger now (let's see how long that lasts ) and hope it brings me out of a rut in my life and maybe spark some motivation to be more productive, not just with my art life but with everything in general. After all, without motivation and happiness, where would your will to live be at?

Here is an art piece :

This was supposed to be a sketch of a canvas in front of a window with a lovely view of the ocean. But it turned out like this.
After the canvas turned out to be a log pile, I started thinking about the ocean views from hotel windows or anywhere inside (preferably the higher floors) that overlooks the ocean, and how much it looks like there's a tidal wave coming towards us (since the view of the ocean fills up 80 percent of the window).

My mom originally gave me this idea, which manifested her fears of the ocean into my weird little mind over time. I'm not afraid of the ocean or any kind settings of deep pools of water, but just think my mom's reasons for justifying her fear of the ocean is understandable, scarily enough. It's definitely not a silly thing to be afraid of at all, as her reasons for having a phobia from such things are:

1) You can't fathom or comprehend just how deep the ocean is, therefore not really knowing where rock bottom is (sort of like a never ending pool of liquid)

2) Because of the first reason, you don't know everything that's residing in the ocean. You don't know with what living creature you're sharing it's domain with.

3) It's hard to be comfortable in something that has a comparably stronger mass than you that can create things like rip tides, tidal waves, hurricanes, monsoons and any natural disasters of the massive floods kind (she can't even walk along the shore because she claims it makes her light-headed when she sees the tidal waves crashing and then reeling itself in)

She's also had a traumatic experience back when she was around my age on top of these opinions she's had already about the ocean (I'm pretty sure she didn't just develop these reasons even before her childhood trauma). She was basically walking in the water and stepped into an unexpected deep pool of water that made her fall ,reeling her in to the deeper parts of the ocean because she couldn't recover from the fall. She was rescued of course by my dad (thank god for him! )

So as you can see, from my drawing, the ocean view is now getting friendly with the inside of the window room, literally presenting itself the way that it appears to look from inside a typical room (depending on how far up you are, floor wise)  and ensuing chaos from whoever resides inside that room (hopefully not my mom).