13 March 2011

Firecracker Popsicle Joyride & Carnival Explosion

Submitted this to Eat Sleep Draw about a while back. Don't think it was published because I'd assume they send you an email or a notification of some sort that it was approved and published, none of which that I received back then or as of recently.

I made this piece when I was a bit disoriented in my life. This was during my intern/retail days when my life kind of had no real substance except the post grad types, which is essentially stress on top of nothing on top of stress (a stress sandwich, yay!)

Also, I only had a limited amount of color pencils and felt pens with me at the time of this creation since I think I was outside or somewhere that wasn't near my desk full of color supplies.

Lots of stuff going on in this picture.

I made a list of titles for this picture at one point, just purely on what I saw or felt when seeing it.

1) Carnival Explosion
2) Clown Organs (in a musical)
3) Fourth of July Massacre
4) Mating Season
5) Circulatory Matters
6) Veinful Venture
7) Firecracker Popsicle Joyride

That's a good range of topics there. Some of them are appropriate for the picture but some of them are just no.
But it's a wide variety of ideas that led me to the title above. It was down to the first and last one of the list (obviously it's still down to the two). Though the fifth one was a close runner up as well.
Originally, I had chose Carnival Explosion as the original title but, up until recently, I had decided to label it as both a Firecracker Popsicle Joyride and a Carnival Explosion because I loved how appropriately FPJ sounded for the picture and thought it was a shame to let it go to waste, though CE really captured the essence of the piece as well. So I threw both in to the mix.

Fun Fact: FPJ was actually inspired by the actual firecracker popsicle, that you buy in those mobile ice cream stands as a kid (or now too, still cool). I never once chose to buy that over the ice cream sandwich though, but I guess I thought it was kind of cool looking at one point in my childhood since it's reminiscent of it here in this art piece.

10 March 2011

Sandwich dude

I think I was hungry when I drew this.

This sketch doodle is about a few months old. Back when I was a cashier for a Japanese Marketplace, I would be super bored during those really slow weekdays, when people are less likely to shop for massive loads of Japanese food, so I would doodle random things on paper bags from time to time with my cashier pen (a regular pen that sits on my register) and my counterfeit detector marker (obviously enough, the paper bag was REAL because it didn't turn black like fake stuff would). Their receipt paper was fake, I'll tell you that much. No real receipt paper over there. I swear, the counterfeit marker knows all.

So, resulting from this boredom, came this picture:

1) I'm pretty sure I was hungry, hence the 'sandwich' part of sandwich dude.

2) I wanted to live the life on a luxurious beach somewhere.

3) Tropical drinks are always present in these scenarios.

4) To make this even more picture perfect, I made it have a sunset.

5) I thought of Spongebob's squiggly arms when he dances, and then his spongy body which made me think of cheese... (Yeah, I was definitely hungry). I didn't want him to seem weird and out of place with random squiggly arms so I placed him on the edge of the drink, so he's dancing and balancing at the face of danger.

6) I wanted a buoy. So I made one balancing a cheesy pun.

As you can see, it's a pretty rough sketch, since I wasn't technically on break when I drew this (that's right, in secret, behind my receipt printer! SHHHH!)

The more I think about it, the more I assume I must've been pretty damn hungry and out of my mind to have thought of something like 'living the life on the edge' with a sandwich dude on a lemon slice on top of an iced drink floating in the sunset beach water.

Also, excuse the bad tangents in this drawing because remember, I did it in a furtive manner.

07 March 2011

Since we are on the multi-media crafts theme...

Woah, it's a two-pager!

That's right, because it wasn't enough to contain so much awesome in to one dinky little page.

Real elements here. The flower petals were from a nearby park, I believe. Instead of taping it down like I normally do with double-sided tape, I figured it was much more efficient to glue stick it down, preserving the natural creases and easily manipulating the shape/position as well (since I can never decide where to put where on the first stick. I usually have to glide the thing around a bit and then settle on a position).

Also, like every other artwork that I do, I accompany my crafty/ multi-media theme with my some of my primary mediums, which are generally color pencils, color felt-tip pens, markers, ball-point pens, microns (of every size, depending on the type of piece that I do), and the occasional watercolors.

For this piece, I used color pencils and crayons.

I like how youthful this turned out. Gives it that 7-13 age range to it. I also noticed something I haven't noticed while I was creating this piece, the two different themes for each page. The earthy, pasture with red flowers theme on the right and the airy, carefree movements theme on the left.

Turned out pretty cool, brought out the child in me while making this fun little artwork.

04 March 2011

A sea adventure!

It's not super neat, but it's my attempt at being creative in a raw, multi-media fashion.

A while ago, I had bought a roll of mini pearl links from an antique store by the sewing section and absolutely loved the color and the mood of it. The rest of the materials were bought from Walgreens, I believe. I wanted to put them to use in my sketchbook since I felt I wouldn't use them for anything else other than creatively.

So I ended up making a boat with ribbon strips branching out from the inside, acting as colorful sails and a pearl trail to travel on (that was originally supposed to be an anchor). I definitely love how the striped ribbon composition turned out and the addition of a pearl balloon (which was a challenge to tie and tape down). I don't know why but I always liked the idea of balloons and boats together.

Not sure why I decided to tape that sparkly ribbon across the page, but I like it. I think the diamond shapes, that I cut out, within the ribbon strip adds to the theme going on here.

The purple plaid bit is actually from a new roll of scotch tape. The little starter pieces that are attached to the very tip of the tape, before you begin using it. But I didn't use regular tape for this, I used the double sided tapes, which was super convenient for this kind of art piece.

It was definitely a fun crafty project, and hope to do it again soon.

01 March 2011

Octopus tree and garden


I was going for tidal waves with gusts of wind and then turned in to this ice-wintry flower , which turned out to be a tree that looked like it slept around with an octopus.

The flower garden seems to either approve of this reunion by rejoicing and in a sing-song disney-esque mood, or in complete conflict with the outcome and creating drama.

Usually, my drawings would be eye catching, but in that wow, what in the world is going on here tantalizing sort of way. It's true though, most of my art can't be comprehended, visually alone. And then sometimes it can't be comprehended at all even with the story behind it.

Art like this looks odd because it is created by an odd-minded person.