29 July 2011

All about SNAILS.

Snails and slugs.

A doodle I did a while ago.

Snail Trapeze.

Snails are very nimble creatures.

They can also travel on the sharpest plains (like a blade or a sword) and come out unscathed.

I think that's where this little doodle stems from. The idea that snails and slugs alike could very well be invincible in a human-less world.

Also that they're both terrified and confused at the same time but ignorantly so. Though in this picture kind of looks like it's insinuating that sea slugs are kind of a bit more dense than regular snails.  I have no idea if this is true.
I just always imagine snails carry all that knowledge in their mysterious shells whereas slugs are kind of on their own.


I was going to make a snail comic at one point. I think the general concept/ idea wasn't solid enough from what I remember. Though, now I kind of want to make a snail comic after seeing this again.


I often do these kind of free sketch trips. I would start out with a simple but interesting shape that I would like to work with (depending on my mood of that particular day) and work my way across the page. In this trip, I started on the near the far left side, the swirly snail shell with the shish kebab looking like picks sprouting out of it (on top of that miniature tree branch).

I personally give my favorite eye glances over to the bow tie snail near the bottom right and the bunny rabbit blob piece looking unsatisfied with it's accordion belly on the top right. And of course the shish kebab shell plant (which I stemmed out from) and a bonus glance over to  the rather large snail donning a lovely bonnet (you go girl/guy -you rock that bee bonnet!)

26 July 2011


I think this blog's been barren enough hm?

So this appropriate doodle I did above should be a nice and refreshing change of beat in this corner of drought I have so done a great job at harvesting!

This art was brought to you by colorful nail polishes and a black micron.

UPDATE:  Took this picture in my car. It's surprisingly better quality in some ways. A bit less saturated but yeah, real time, real life photos taken by your iPhone are the way to go sometimes!