29 August 2011

Wild and personal spaces.

Yes, this actually DID take me as long as it looks like it took!

I think I took longer on this than my first ONE of these extensive so-collages (a.k.a. sollages) - smart, right? I decided to call my series of art collages under this little nickname since I realized I actually LOVE creating these and would like to make a project out of it to make more.

I called my first one a "nicolepiece" after masterpiece, but I think a sollage/SOllage is a good little go to name for now.

Even though I roughly sketch out collage/freestyle doodles like these all the time, I consider this a definite SOllage.

SOllage- a collage artwork created by me (nicole SO) that usually takes a series of different days/moods to complete. Procrastination can be a team player, but not a star.

So, this one is definitely more character based and significantly more of a clean-cut/digital art feel type of finish. It's a pretty solid piece compared to my first one, which was more raw, sketchy misc. flower/plants theme with the idea of it being like a variety map of different fragments of personalities all in one page. That was more of a self expression piece than this one.

I absolutely love how this turned out and I think it definitely shows I had a lot of fun with it.

Behind the SOllage:

It really started out with a fairly simple idea/impulse to do something with simple but solid shapes and characters of some sort. Then, shortly after, the idea of kids cleaning up their room on the outside but really stuffing everything and anything messy inside their closet came about.
Then I thought about it mutating into this wild jungle of miscellaneous crap that's both crazy awesome and beautiful at the same time.

Then somewhere along the line of me coloring in Photoshop and adding additional things here and there, I realized this could also be interpreted in the "coming out of the closet" ideas. The wild and flamboyant self wanting to break free into the (hopeful) acceptance of society - this, from the bottled heart of an insecure boy/girl. 

This could really be a nice self expressive art piece if I was secretly gay (not). I think the only gay I could qualify for is the kind where you love colorful rainbows and flowers and cheesy romantic comedies :)

Anyways, going back to the simplicity ideas of where it all began.

The drawing started out real simple too (as did my first one). Then, like the drawing had a mind of it's own, just piled on with ideas periodically. It took a series of different days and phases to complete. Procrastination played a good role here as well as creativity juice flows. I honestly think if I had finished this in one day I would have a different image above and more like the image below.

What it originally started out as:

Lots of minimal changes happened with the overall idea during the clean-up stage, but BIG changes happened when it came to the coloring stage because at least 60-75 percent of it wasn't how I saw the color go down in my head at all. 50 percent of the creativity was improvised in Photoshop on the spot, with the brush tool (this also happened during the coloring stage). 

I think, in conclusion, color inspires more rambunctious ideas for me and makes my work process pretty spontaneous, which is, I think, the most exciting part of this piece that I can confidently confirm/believe. It can also make me look at my art in a totally different perspective like the gay factor I mentioned above.
Kind of funny how that I saw that after 95 percent of the coloring stage was complete! 

01 August 2011

Piece of cake.

Inspired by many difficult moments in my life solved with cake. I was going to do a tribute to my all time favorite mood lifter - ms. strawberry ice cream, but I think I compensated with the fact that this illustration is all strawberry flavored.

So why is it murder of cake? Simple. Because every time I order a strawberry anything cake it looks like it's been doused in its own syrupy blood. AND they aren't shy about it either because it literally IS drowning in saccharine plating settings. This can be both a good and a bad thing.

I don't think I've had a good piece of cake in a while. I've had many good scoops of strawberry ice creams though.