20 July 2012


For the record - this is the easiest post I ever had to upload - handwritten stuff can be faster sometimes! (Or maybe everyone can agree to disagree with me)

Note: This last typed part took like ages to compose and compile.

25 June 2012

Snacks in the box

It was either snacks or snurnips - snail+jack, snail+turnips (I feel like they should resemble turnips).

I generally like snacks, plus I'd rather be scared by a bouquet of snacks, real snacks and not this snail infused one, than a bouquet of turnips...it's like ew...vegetables? I've never tasted a turnip.

Also, I think it's safe to say that I will always be entertained and amazed by photo filters. My favorite is the pixelated one.

Side note: Snacks (the doodle) was sitting in my sketchbook months ago...it's literally the first page of my sketchbook and I bought this new one ages ago so I don't know how but Snacks totally time traveled right now and gained its overdue fame on the interwebs.

24 June 2012

GERD series - 02 - Flash in the pain!

Out of my cool comfort realm and in a surreal nocturnal state of reality where I am dealing with the constant simmering heats and terminology likes of acid/alkaline, pH levels, low acid, LES and probiotics trying to chill with my regular vocabulary crew (they are not very welcoming but reluctantly accepting for the time being).

Materials: Orbit chewing gum - spearmint, lollipop pen, assorted crystal beads
Other credits: Photoshop


22 June 2012

GERD series - 01 - Les experiments

I've recently got myself involved in some acidic situations so in light of such lame and becoming source of stress phases in my bundle of joy called life, I got inspired to do an art series! (a.k.a I-was-chewing-gum-and-waiting-till-I-felt-my-dinner-was-fully-digested-before-sleeping doodles)

Probably will involve a lot of chewing gum here and there because gum is apparently one of those natural remedies to soothe and regulate pH levels in the stomach (and not a placebo like my brother insists -it's scientifically proven!)

Materials: Orbit chewing gum, lollipop pen (it's a regular ballpoint pen but it looks like those gigantic lollipop sticks you get at disney world - it's not from disney world though)

Other Credits besides the obvious: Photoshop