24 June 2012

GERD series - 02 - Flash in the pain!

Out of my cool comfort realm and in a surreal nocturnal state of reality where I am dealing with the constant simmering heats and terminology likes of acid/alkaline, pH levels, low acid, LES and probiotics trying to chill with my regular vocabulary crew (they are not very welcoming but reluctantly accepting for the time being).

Materials: Orbit chewing gum - spearmint, lollipop pen, assorted crystal beads
Other credits: Photoshop


1 comment:

Joy Reynaldo said...

Hi Nicole! I also have GERD, but I don't experience the symptoms anymore. It was homemade yogurt that cured me. My family followed this yogurt recipe and, after a while, I noticed I wasn't getting stomach aches anymore. Hope you'd try this out, it might help! I was on medication for years and never got cured. Who'd have thought that my cure would be so yummy? Hahaha :)