25 June 2012

Snacks in the box

It was either snacks or snurnips - snail+jack, snail+turnips (I feel like they should resemble turnips).

I generally like snacks, plus I'd rather be scared by a bouquet of snacks, real snacks and not this snail infused one, than a bouquet of turnips...it's like ew...vegetables? I've never tasted a turnip.

Also, I think it's safe to say that I will always be entertained and amazed by photo filters. My favorite is the pixelated one.

Side note: Snacks (the doodle) was sitting in my sketchbook months ago...it's literally the first page of my sketchbook and I bought this new one ages ago so I don't know how but Snacks totally time traveled right now and gained its overdue fame on the interwebs.

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