17 May 2014

Newb(ab)ies - It's a SITE for sore eyes!


After many months years of life keeping me hostage and spending lots of time traveling, reading books, fighting swamp monsters, trying out hot yoga and learning how to empty the coffee grinds at my company for the first time in the 2 years I was there, I decided it's time to settle down and have babies.

Just popped out some fraternal twins and currently I am sore from all of the work, mainly on my rump, but it's okay because the rewards are bountiful :)

I don't have names for them because they are that special that they don't get tied down to simple things like names. But for the modern world of understanding purposes we shall call them
BABY 1 and BABY 2

Of course with new babies comes new responsibilities so I am obviously going to focus more on them for a little bit (especially the second baby - he's a little one, he needs to age).

I will still post some artwork when I have time in between their naps but if anyone knows babies, they are stubborn and very selfish. They also get jealous like a super ex so it is going to be tough.
But once they are mostly settled and can stand on their own two feet, I shall have more options.

No real promises though, they might take me in a million other unexpected directions with my life so I'll keep this on the back burner (that I just cleaned) and park my life updates here for now. There is a high possibility of moving camp in the near future but that is also up in the air!

In the meanwhile, see how the tots are doing every so often! They might get new clothes, accessories, updates to their faces, etc.